3As firm believers in quality of care, we have invested heavily in the quality of the equipment at the Practice.    Our investment is ongoing and there are other items we look forward to introducing in the future.   Below is a taste of what we have available.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is in place throughout the Practice to ensure your comfort during your visit.

Comfortable Chairs

Nothing relaxes you more than a nice comfy chair to sink into and that’s exactly what we have in all the surgeries.   Our top of the range soft padded chairs are by far the most comfortable on the market and many patients have found them to be the most relaxing dental chair they have sat in.


It always helps to have something to take your mind off things and our chairside screen enables you to watch a DVD during treatment.   We have a choice of DVDs available both for adults and children but you are welcome to bring your own if you would prefer.

Daylight Corrected Lights

The colours that we perceive are very much affected by the light around us.  Ordinary lighting is of a different colour spectrum to natural daylight so the colour of a crown chosen under ordinary artificial light may not appear the right shade in daylight.     We have invested in special daylight corrected lights in the surgeries to give us the best light quality and fully optimise the results we are able to achieve.

Fibre-Optic Lights

Even with good surgery lighting some areas of the mouth can still appear relatively dark.   Our dental hand-pieces all have special high-intensity fibre-optic lights which provide excellent visibility for the dentist.

Fully Computerised System

Our Practice is fully computerised for both records and appointments which allows us to have your complete records at our fingertips.

Computerised Education System

Our computer system is equipped with specialised dental educational software which allows us to show you animated videos of the various treatments possible.    This makes it much easier for patients to understand what any treatment involves.

X-Ray Facilities

X-ray images provide an invaluable source of information for the dentist to assess unseen areas, however, many patients are naturally concerned about the amount of X-rays that they receive. We have invested in ultra low dosage digital X-ray equipment to reduce the dose you receive to an absolute minimum. Our excellent panoramic machine delivers only 1/5th of the dose of many other machines. All images are brought up on the computer screens, and can be printed for you to take home if you are interested.

Internet Access

In our lounge area we have a dedicated computer for patient use to allow you to access the internet and catch up on those all important emails!



Our fun and educational Aquabubble touch screen computers are unique to us and, along with their setting, provide a facility for children we believe to be unmatched in the UK.