The images below show examples of treatments available at Atkinson Brignall Caring Dentistry

Replacement crowns due to poor appearance – gum recontoured and adjacent filling replaced
CrownsFig1aFig 1a
CrownsFig1bFig 1b
CrownsFig1cFig 1c
CrownsFig1dFig 1d
Case by IB
Two replacement crowns on front teeth
CrownsFig2aFig 2a
CrownsFig2bFig 2b
CrownsFig2cFig 2c
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One crown, held on a post in a heavily discoloured tooth and one veneer
CrownsFig3aFig 3a
CrownsFig3bFig 3b
Case by IB
One crown on a heavily discoloured tooth
CrownsFig4aFig 4a
CrownsFig4bFig 4b
CrownsFig4cFig 4c
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