Tooth Whitening

A whiter, brighter smile can be beautiful, it can help you feel better about yourself and create a memorable impression. Lifestyle and ageing can lead to darkening of the teeth. Whitening can help put them back to the way they once were.

The images below show examples of treatments available at Atkinson Brignall Caring Dentistry

Note the change from a 60 something A4 shade to a 20 something A1/A2 shade
Whitening 1 before aFig1a
whitening1  before  bFig1b
whitening 1 after aFig1c
whitening 1 after bFig1d
Case by IB
A young lady who just wanted a whiter brighter smile!
Whitening 2 -beforeFig2a
Whitening 2- afterFig2b
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There are two main techniques used for whitening:-

Tray method

tooth-whitening-dental-cosmetics-our-services-inman-aligners-kent_clip_image001_0000Dark or discoloured teeth can be restored to their natural colour with a simple and safe method of tooth whitening. This can be comfortably achieved in the convenience of your home with a mild bleaching gel placed in custom made trays covering your teeth. Even dark non-vital (dead) teeth can be improved with a modified version of this technique. The overall result achieved will vary person to person depending on starting shade and tonal colour of the teeth.

The trays are worn for minimum of 2x 30minute sessions daily, or more effectively overnight. The improvements are seen daily, but the best results are achieved after 14 or more days use. Intermittent top-ups are required at home to keep your teeth at their improved colour.

Power whitening

231Another option, at least historically was to whiten the teeth in the surgery using power whitening, often with a bright light or laser shining onto the teeth. Scientific studies have shown this to be a very unpredictable way of whitening teeth, in some cases with marked side effects. This approach is only now ever recommended to be used in conjunction with a course of tray whitening and as such is not something we recommend.

Not all stained teeth need whitening procedures, if the stain is only on the surface, it can be simply removed by the hygienist, to restore the natural colour.

Enlighten bleaching after 2 weeks for severely discoloured teeth – the 3 front teeth are crowns.
Case by IB


The simplest, most cost effective way to improve your smile.
If trays are used, it is easy to top up at home at a later date.


Does not alter the colour of existing crowns or fillings Some techniques can cause sensitivity The amount of benefit is not always predictable

A word of warning

The products used by dentists are very carefully controlled so as not to damage the teeth. Some products available in beauty salons or over the internet are based on a chemical, Chlorine dioxide, which has a very low pH and can cause significant damage to tooth structure.