Smile Design/Makeovers

smiledesignSmile design is a way of carefully assessing your overall smile, with your input and work out the best way to address your concerns. This may be related to the amount of gum you show, the tooth colours and shapes, crowding or spacing or various other factors. From this assessment and design stage we can then recommend a treatment plan (or makeover) to suit your needs, using the most appropriate techniques.

Smile makeovers have become popular since the many makeover shows seen on television. An unsightly smile can be very damaging to one’s own self esteem and alter the way we portray ourselves to others.

We will discuss in detail your concerns about your smile and take impressions and Xrays of the teeth to get a complete picture. Using the various options open to us with materials and techniques we will produce a plan to suit your requirements. This can of course be modified with your input. The proposed plan is able to be mimicked on a plaster model for visualization and a “trial smile” made from this, to allow you to make any subtle changes, if you decided to proceed.

We want you to be happy with the new smile that we provide and of course welcome your input. You are able to choose the shade of the porcelain and give us your thoughts on details such as surface texture, lustre and other characteristics to ensure your smile looks totally natural and leaves you with that “feel good” factor.

The images below show examples of treatments available at Atkinson Brignall Caring Dentistry

All cases shown are by Dr Ian Brignall. For further cases and more detailed images, please see

A combination of whitening, porcelain veneers and bonding used to improve the appearance of worn and discoloured teeth
1aFig 1a
1bFig 1b
Case by IB
10 composite veneers to cover up genetically pitted enamel defects and reshape the teeth
2aFig 2a
2bFig 2b
2cFig 2c
Case by IB
3aFig 3a
3bFig 3b
Case by IB
3cFig 3c
3dFig 3d
Case by IB
4aFig 4a
4bFig 4b
Case by IB
5aFig 5a
5bFig 5b
Case by IB
6aFig 6a
6bFig 6b
Case by IB
7aFig 7a
7bFig 7b
Case by IB
8aFig 8a
8bFig 8b
8cFig 8c
Case by IB