Re-contouring can be carried out on either the teeth or the gum in certain circumstances.

If one or more teeth are longer than the others or have an irregular edge, it is straightforward to adjust the edges so as to match the surrounding teeth. This is a very simple and painless procedure that does not even need an anaesthetic.

The images below show examples of treatments available at Atkinson Brignall Caring Dentistry

recontouring beforeFig1a
recontouring afterFig1b
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Re-contouring the gum can be done if margins of the gum on one or more teeth are at noticeably different levels from the adjacent teeth, resulting in a poor appearance of the smile, or the teeth generally appear short. This is sometimes known as a “gum lift” and is often used in conjunction with veneers and crowns.

Recontouring of gum- beforeFig2a
Recontouring of Gum - afterFig2b
Case by IB
Case by IB