Inman Aligner Orthodontics

Inman2The Inman Aligner is a revolutionary new orthodontic appliance, which was invented in the USA. It is different to other appliances in that rather than taking many months to straighten the teeth, it does so in a matter of weeks. It has been described as the greatest innovation in cosmetic dentistry since the porcelain veneer ! It is used predominantly by cosmetic dentists to improve the alignment of teeth before placing veneers, or to do away with the need for cosmetic veneers altogether.

It is aimed at correcting irregularities of front teeth, generally in adults. It is a relatively invisible removable appliance, which is worn for 20hrs a day, so can be removed for eating, oral hygiene or important social occasions. Historically, it has been claimed that rapid movement of teeth with traditional fixed appliances causes damage to the teeth, but this is not the case with the many hundreds of cases treated with the Inman.

The Inman aligner, which is a patented appliance, is a hybrid between traditional metal braces and Invisalign, and while not as invisible as Invisalign works much more quickly, meaning fewer appointments and less cost. Like any orthodontics, a long term retainer is needed to keep the teeth in position. We plan the result we want to achieve on a model , the appliance is manufactured according to this positioning and then the “double bow” squashes and squeezes the teeth into place. Space is created for this movement by removing very small amounts of enamel from the tooth surfaces in between the front teeth. But do not worry, this will not do them any harm.

Quicker: Treatments can sometimes be as short as 6-8 weeks.

Less Cost: Because fewer appointments are needed, Inman aligner treatment works out considerably cheaper than most traditional fixed appliance or Invisalign/Clearstep treatments

Is it for everyone? : No, unfortunately, there are some patients who cannot benefit from the aligner and need conventional appliance treatment.

If you have crooked, irregular teeth or unwanted gaps that you would like correcting, call now for a free “Inman Aligner Consultation” with Ian Brignall.

A comment from a happy patient:
“It’s been 13 weeks since I had my inman aligner fitted and my teeth are now straight again!! It has been amazing to watch them line up so quickly. I saw a difference within the first week of wearing the brace, and the improvement from start to finish has just been incredible! I have had nothing but compliments from my friends and family, and couldn’t be happier with the results. I can’t recommend it enough, I was promised straight teeth in a matter of weeks and that’s exactly what I’ve got.”
Lucy, age 26

Examples of what can be achieved with the aligner are shown below.

InmanFig1aFig 1a
InmanFig1bFig 1b
InmanFig1cFig 1c
InmanFig1dFig 1d
Case by IB
Treatment time 12 weeks
InmanFig2aFig 2a
InmanFig2bFig 2b
Case by IB