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A crown is a shell like covering placed over the top of your own natural tooth to restore the shape, function and aesthetics of what may be a heavily restored or damaged structure. They are used both at the front and back of the mouth. A crown restoration will spread out the biting forces over the larger surface, and reduce the high stresses that may otherwise cause breakage of the tooth. In some cases they can be used to correct irregularities of teeth where braces are not an option.

crowns-dental-cosmetics-our-services-inman-aligners-kent_clip_image001Crowns are usually made from either porcelain or gold alloy or a combination of both. We can achieve wonderful aesthetic results with all ceramic crowns and porcelain bonded to gold alloy crowns. Modern technology means that we are able to make excellent all ceramic crowns and small bridges( i.e. with NO metal component) with pressed ceramic or a Zirconium core for optimal strength, and covered with high quality porcelain for optimal aesthetics, sometimes even for molar teeth.

Gold crowns are sometimes used on back teeth when little of the natural tooth structure remains or the biting forces are particularly high i.e. when a patient clenches or grinds their teeth.

The choice of crown used depends on many factors including aesthetic considerations, function of tooth and quality of the tooth structure on which the crown will be cemented into place. We will happily discuss the pros and cons with you, and advise what we consider to be your best option.

Good oral hygiene is always necessary to reduce the chance of tooth decay starting at the margins of the crown.

During crown preparation, impressions will be taken and a temporary crown provided. These impressions are sent to a high quality laboratory where the technician produces your individually designed crown, to be subsequently fitted by the dentist. If necessary, we sometimes arrange for patients to see the technician himself, so he can visualize the situation and create a perfect result.

The images below show examples of treatments available at Atkinson Brignall Caring Dentistry

Replacement crowns due to poor appearance – gum recontoured and adjacent filling replaced
CrownsFig1aFig 1a
CrownsFig1bFig 1b
CrownsFig1cFig 1c
CrownsFig1dFig 1d
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Two replacement crowns on front teeth
CrownsFig2aFig 2a
CrownsFig2bFig 2b
CrownsFig2cFig 2c
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One crown, held on a post in a heavily discoloured tooth and one veneer
CrownsFig3aFig 3a
CrownsFig3bFig 3b
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One crown on a heavily discoloured tooth
CrownsFig4aFig 4a
CrownsFig4bFig 4b
CrownsFig4cFig 4c
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Improves your appearance.
Strengthens the tooth


More tooth reduction than veneers and white fillings/inlays, which (according to research), in 15-25% of cases can lead to undesired nerve reactions.