implants-our-services-inman-aligners-kent_clip_image002At Atkinson Brignall we offer a wide range of proven dental implant procedures, both surgical and restorative.  Dr Ian Brignall is an experienced surgeon and restorative dentist, and is a member of the Association of Dental Implantology.

What are dental implants? 
A dental implant is a titanium screw that is gently placed directly into the jawbone to act as an anchor to support one or more crowns, bridgework or a denture. It provides the closest alternative to natural teeth currently available…

Who can have dental implants? 
Anyone who is in good health and has teeth missing is potentially a suitable candidate for implant therapy. Age is not a limitation to implant treatment except that under 18s are not usually treated due to growth considerations…

What does treatment involve?
Placing of the implants is carried out at the surgery, under sterile conditions.   It involves a gentle procedure, which is usually carried out under a normal local anaesthetic, much like having a filling, though sedation can be made available for the very nervous…

Implant systems 
Just like cars differ in design, reliability and price, so do implant systems. The implant system that we use in the main is Ankylos, which is one of the few systems that provide a tight bacteria free seal at the abutment(post) to implant junction,  preventing odours which can sometimes occur and the bone loss which results from such bacterial contamination…

Implants to replace single teeth 
Examples shown for implants at the front and back of mouth

Implant bridges for multiple teeth 
Examples shown for implants at the front and back of mouth

Implants for retained dentures 
Examples shown